Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Is Roxy Olin As Tough As She Looks On The City?

On her first day in The City, Roxy Olin did the unthinkable: she sat across the table from Kelly Cutrone, refused to be intimidated and even impressed the no-nonsense PR maven with her blunt sincerity. So far, she's been pretty assertive on the show (like when she went behind Kelly's back at last week's photo shoot), but part of us wondered whether Roxy was hamming it up for the cameras. Well, after stumbling onto Roxy's Twitter account, we decided -- if anything -- the girl's been toning it down! Check out what she tweeted last week after a run-in with the police...
"I got pulled over by the worst cop on ego trip...so not nice!if I wouldn't be put in jail I would knock him out..I think I could take him down;)!"
Yikes. Hope she's more careful driving Kelly Cutrone's Ford around NYC! Something tells us this is one girl who won't be crying her way out of any speeding tickets...
credit - mtv

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