Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spencer Pratt Purchases 3,000 Copies Of Heidi’s Playboy Issue!

In Speidi's book, “How To Be Famous”, the number one rule is self-promote, self-promote, self-promote.
Spencer Pratt has a thing for self promotion, that’s for sure. To ensure that his wife, Heidi Montag’s “Playboy” issue appeared to be a success, the reality TV celeb purchased 3,000 copies of the magazine.
Spencer posted the above photo along with this tweet yesterday: "This is what 3000 playboys look like"
So it makes me wonder how many copies of her CD is he buying? Or how many copies of their book will they buy?
And do they really think they're being successful when they're the ones doing all the spending? Things that make you go hmmm...
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If they have that much extra cash laying around why not donate it to a homeless shelter or another good cause instead. Ugh!

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  1. That's not self promotion, that's a bad investment. How will 3000 Playboys help them when their 15 minutes of fame are up?