Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brody Jenner Misses Doug More than Jayde

It seems like Brody Jenner is more upset about his break-up with former best friend Doug Reinhardt than his girlfriend of more than a year, Jayde Nicole. Sources tell OK! that Brody was at Guys & Dolls in West Hollywood today with a new girl on his arm, but looked sad when he didn’t interact with his former friend at all. “Brody arrived at 11:15 with 2 guy friends,” a witness at Guys & Dolls tells OK!. “He was joined less than 30 minutes later by a blond very attractive woman.”
“She was with him at the bar most of the night, it was clear this wasn’t their first meeting,” the source continues.
Doug along with girlfriend Paris Hilton had their own table and were joined by about 10 friends.
Paris and Doug ordered 3 magnums of champagne and danced on the booth all night,” the source tells OK! “Doug did not speak to Brody. You could see Brody was distracted by Doug being there. He seemed very sad that they weren’t speaking.”
“Everyone stayed until close, Brody left hand-in-hand with the blond.”
Brody recently told Closer Magazine he hasn’t seen much of his baseball sluggin’ buddy since Reinhardt reconciled with the high-maintenance socialite in August and insists their friendship is now over.
“We used to be best friends, now I never see him. Some people are so involved in relationships they lose their other friends. Partners come and go your friends are there for you always. I’m done. Paris has taken him away.”
Credit - OK magazine,
thanks for the heads-up taylor :)!!

My take? Glad you asked ;) Brody is not missing Jayde because they're still together and as for Doug, of course he misses him, he's no longer getting freebies or trips on his private jet ; )

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