Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olivia Palermo - behind the scenes of her Grazia shoot

Check out this week’s double Christmas issue where we were lucky enough to shoot style icon and MTV’s The City star Olivia Palermo for an exclusive beauty shoot back in November. We all fell in love with her, wiping away any preconceptions we had of her ice queen character in The City. Here’s a sneaky look at what went on behind the scenes on the shoot in New York.
Where: Milk studios, in New York’s trending meat packing district
What she wore: Rebecca Taylor cream blouse, Topshop black and purple striped cardigan, Adriane Goldschmied skinny jeans, black Hermes Birkin bag
What she listened to: Killers and Lily Allen
What we ate: wholemeal muffins, Smarties and chicken soup
Olivia's beauty address book: Olivia visits Dr Dennis Gross every few months for ‘medical facials’ 105 East 37th Street New York, NY, 10016, but also uses his products MDskincare as a top up in between appointments. When Olivia finishes a long day of filming and wants a pick me up she heads to the 24 hour nail salon, Hair Party 24hr on 28th and Madison when it’s never too late for a mani
Fashion tip of the day: ‘The best skinny jeans ever are from AG Jeans, I love them, they’re the best fit’
She's obsessed over: All the Tom Binns jewellery
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  1. Olivia is way too skinny, she tends to look like a corpse.

  2. We can agree to disagree : ) She is thin but I think it's suits her. she looks great (and healthy) and her skin and hair seriously glow. I admire how she mixes low end pieces with pricier ones and always manages to look amazing.