Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heidi Montag: Out & About in LA

Heidi Montag -- and all of her brand new refurbished parts -- managed not to melt while standing upright underneath the hot L.A. sun on Wednesday.
Heidi has graced the world with not one, but two new songs today, because she loves us all and wants us to be happy. And dancing.
"Trash Me" issues a stern warning to the haters who would tarnish Montag's meteoric rise to world domination with their negativity, while "Sex Ed" is a bawdy little romp that promises a wealth of carnal knowledge to any lucky man who can look at her radically altered face long enough to get it on. Sample lyric:

You got the green light
Now ready set go
Give me that student body
I'll teach you all I know

See? We told you it was good.
Brace yourself for a bout of sonic bliss and check out the tunes below:, tmz


  1. I feel more sorry for Heidi everytime I see a picture of her. She really looked much better before. Does anyone think that the procedures make her look better?

  2. No, she doesn't look better at all. She looks ridiculous with those big water balloons sitting on her chest. Can she not open her eye fully? Ok, maybe the sun was in her face....She looks like everyone else in Hollywood now. There's nothing special or unique about her.

  3. At 11:52
    "She looks like everyone else in Hollywood now. There's nothing special or unique about her"

    completely agree! so sad :(

  4. Those top photos are horrid looking. She looks like a baffoon.

    I'm not even goint to bother listening to the music. I'm sure my ears will bleed.

  5. I like 3 of her songs but her new outside just makes me cry..

  6. It's sad that she thought that her new look would help her sell her music. She is one delusional young lady!

  7. these pics of her make the surgery looks less worse, the first ones i was like omg what has she done. maybe she was all swelled up coz in these there isnt much dif from how she looked befor just some slight changes.. except her boobs clearly bigger.. too big if you ask me

  8. i don't understand how she thought changing her appearance NOW would make a difference. she's spent the last however many years building a brand with her then-face, it's how people knew her. how is looking like this going to make her more popular.