Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holly Montag: Heidi's Long Recovery

Holly Montag says it's been tough for her sister Heidi to deal with all the critics of her massive plastic surgery.
Heidi admitted to having 10 procedures in one day to create her ideal look, including breast implants, a lip job, liposuction and more.
"She's being very strong and holding to her own morals and I'm very proud of her," said Holly, at Playboy's party on Saturday. "She's the strongest woman I know. She's done a brilliant job."
Holly Montag also said her sister is still not adjusted to her new body.
"She was still just getting used to it and it's a long recovery time. It's several months," she said. "She's being a trooper about the whole thing."

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  1. Good to see she is finally supporting her. I don't think Heidi will ever get use to her new body. People with BDD fixate on details and changes and don't see a global picture of themselves. Unless she gets treated for the BDD, she will continue to obsessivly mirror check the corrections and look for new imperfections. BDD is a beast and the only treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes getting yourself out of the house and SSRIs.