Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jayde Nicole: G Lounge: celebrates it's two year anniversary in Philadelphia

Jayde Nicole and Jessica Hall hit up the G Lounge to celebrates its two year anniversary with a party sponsored by Playboy Energy Drink and Azunia Tequila.


  1. Jayde looks like she is having such a great time. She really looks gorgeous when she smiles. And I agree great legs!!

  2. Jayde practically glows. I've seen her Playboy pictures and her body is absolutely beautiful. She looks so happy, and Brody looks worse for wear. He's lost alot of weight. I think she's the one who ended the relationship. As she said "if you love someone you have to let them go" because she has her own goals (own a spa) and wasn't going to put up with Hills b.s. Maybe when the Hills is over...because I do believe they still love each other very much.

  3. Yes Jayde;you very beautiful photo.Happy valentines day.