Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lauren Conrad on 'Good Morning America' (video)

***click here to view photos from Lauren's
appearance on 'Good Morning America'***


  1. I'm so proud of her 4 keeping it classy and real. The interviewer was digging for a reaction w/ that Heidi stuff and Lauren was a perfect lady xxoo

    Great interview!

  2. She was really great in this interview. The interviewer was trying to get a reaction and Lauren didn't go there. She always comes across so sweet and so relatable. I hope her book is successful and that the tour goes well for her.

  3. Lauren did such a good job trying to avoid stating her opinion. It drives me crazy when reporters, even reputable ones like Juju Chang, go for the sensationalism. There were so many other great questions that she could have asked. That must be so annoying for Lauren. She's on a tour to promote her respectable projects and everyone wants to bring up Heidi.

  4. eh, people want to know Lauren's opinion on Heidi so it's natural Juju would ask that question. I noticed Lauren looked down for a long time when she discussed being an author. LOL