Friday, March 26, 2010

Avril Lavigne Juggling Brody Jenner & Ex-Hubby

Avril Lavigne just can't make up her mind between Brody Jenner and her ex-husband, Deryck she's seeing them both!
A source tells E! that Avril and Brody are definitely dating.
"She met Brody at Koi a couple months ago and sent him over shots and figured he and his friends would be a fun group to hang out with," says a source close to the pop star. "But their friendship quickly turned romantic when she started having a crush on him."
The two have been cooking dinner and watching movies together, but Avril has recently been "backsliding" into her rocker ex-husband's arms...
"She disappeared with Brody for two nights last weekend and is flip-flopping nights between her ex and Brody," a source tells E!.
In addition, the singer has gotten new tattoos with both boys in the last month, says the source.
"She and Deryck got matching ones," our source says. "But then she went again with Brody and they both got tattoos, but not matching."
Although our source says Lavigne thinks she's "just having fun," friends think she better make up her mind before someone gets hurt.
Our two cents: Guys do this all the time and it's nice to see a girl pull the same scenario for once. Play on, player!
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  1. brody's playing her too 'cause there was a video of him making out with some random the other day

  2. Avril and Deryck have been friends since she was in her early teens. I think they are just mature enough to not throw all that history away because their marriage didn't work out.

    I agree Kelli, with guys it's like they're a God if they date (and assume sex is a given). A girl dates, or is even seen with a guy, walking down the street in daylight, for example Avril, whose been in public with Wilmer V., Brody, Deryck, and "reportedly(ugh)
    with a couple others, and so everywhere I see comments like "Avrils a slut, she screwing everyone since her divorce".

    And the tabs just goad it on, and mostly women read them. I wish girls would stop playing into this stereotype. It only hurts us. She could be dating a friend of Brody's. She could just be friends, or was seen talking to of the guys at a party. Or if she is dating around, or doing them all, so what?

    I'm waiting for the "Avril is not a good role model being seen with different men....". As you say Kelli, Play on player!!