Friday, March 19, 2010

Brody Jenner with fans in Cancun, Mexico

Brody tweeted:
"OMG!!! cancun is out of control!!! Stories for years!!hahahah"
credit - Laguna Lovers


  1. I love him! He is such a great guy! That is so cool that he hangs with fans!!!

  2. Frankie tweeted the song that sums up their trip is 'dong in your face, dong in your face'. Frankie seems so slimy, like he'd give his friends the play by play of everything you did if you had sex with him. Sleezy-T seems to be the least sleaziest, and still follows Jayde on Twitter. whatever you need to do to win Jayde back. Your mom even sends happy b-day tweets to Jayde's dog Pumpkin. His mom loves happened there? Nobody's leaked anything.