Monday, March 22, 2010

Jason Wahler Sprung From Mexican Jail Cell, Then Arrested Again For DUI Back in the U.S.

Former Laguna Beach and Hills star Jason Wahler was arrested last week for allegedly driving under the influence, having just been sprung from jail in Mexico!
Newport Beach, Calif., police say Wahler was nabbed for driving a 2008 Chevy Tahoe while intoxicated. Hilariously, he described himself to police as "an actor."
He was released under his own recognizance. You may recall Wahler was arrested in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and held there earlier this month after a bar fight.
As for how he got back to the U.S., that remains shrouded in mystery. The U.S. Consulate is, for whatever reason, kept the reason for his release on the DL

Jason Wahler was cuffed a week ago Thursday and thrown in the slammer after getting in a fight, yet no record of Jason was found during calls to various jails.
The Consulate says Jason was released seven hours after being locked up after he signed a document keeping the terms of his release secret.
1.Who knew you could even do that, it's news to us, and
2.You have to wonder what he did to secure his release.
You gotta love Mexico.
According to Wahler's father, no charges were filed against his son in Mexico. As for the Newport Beach DUI, he's not likely to be let off with any secret bribe.
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