Monday, March 22, 2010

Stephanie Pratt Tells Us: ‘I’m Always Sad When Lo’s Not Around!’

We spoke with Stephanie on March 20 at Dusk nightclub in Atlantic City, and she said she loves spending time with Lo while filming The Hills. “Lo’s actually my best friend in real life, so it’s not like going to work,” she told exclusively. “I’m always sad when Lo’s not around.”
But we’re thinking she doesn’t get quite as sad when her brother Spencer Pratt isn’t around. We asked Stephanie what she thought about people leaving the show (Spencer is rumored to be going off on his own) and she gave us a pretty cryptic answer, but we think we see through it. “I don’t know about anyone leaving the show,” she said. “They are not part of my life, so I really don’t know.”
As for her love life, Stephane told us it isn’t easy to date guys in Los Angeles, which is why she’s seeing a couple different guys at once. “Two of them are in different area codes,” she said. “It’s very new but I’d really like to find someone special.”
We don’t think it should be too hard for Stephanie to attract guys. She looked super cute while partying at Dusk, wearing a strapless green dress, long silver earrings and a bracelet by Lia Sophia.

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