Thursday, April 29, 2010

Audrina Patridge: Pressure to Look Perfect?

Good girl Audrina Patridge has at least one thing in common with estranged Hills costar Heidi Pratt: plastic surgery.
Although the 25-year-old has publicly denied it, a pal confirms to Us Weekly that Patridge went under the knife -- and it was just the confidence boost that she needed.
The aspiring actress "feels she has to be perfect to continue her career in TV and film," the pal continues. (After The Hills wraps later this year, Patridge hopes to launch her own reality TV show with producer Mark Burnett).
Now, with noticeably larger breasts, "She think she has a banging body," a friend says. Adds another: "she's confident in her looks. I don't think she'll get more surgery."
Her nemesis Spencer Pratt famously dissed Patridge's reported procedures, slamming her "nasty Tijuana plastic surgery" on Twitter recently.
Pratt's vicious attacks get under her skin, another friend says: "You can't mention his name without Audrina spewing 'Did you hear what he did this week?' She hates him."

Why is this suddenly news? Audrina's boob job was several years ago! They also got it wrong about her denying the surgery, while she has never publicly admitted to having surgery she hasn't denied it either. Her body, her business.
credit - Us Weekly
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. even if she did, which probably so, it's not like she did it for attention. Heidi did that because she more than likely has BPD & also want the attentio. It's not like Audrina really stands out in terms of plastic surgery like Heidi. I actually feel bad for Heidi. The Season Premiere was intense! =/