Friday, April 9, 2010

Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne: Getting Hot & Heavy!

Brody and Avril were spotted making out yesterday in the back of Brody's car in Hollywood and also at the Chateau Marmont! Seems they're not trying to hide things anymore...

credit - tmz, x17, popsugar, thanks for the heads up Portia! : )

Click here and here to see more of Brody & Avril's makeout session


  1. Hi! I'm from Sweden and read this blog because this is the BEST Hills-blog ever.
    I don't like Brody with Avril, at all. They suck... Even Brody and Jayde were a better match (but I thought they sucked too, I only love Brody with Lauren haha)
    Anyways, thank you for having this blog!
    Emmy, 18, Sweden

  2. Hi Emmy
    Thank you so much : )!
    I don't like Brody with Avril either. Every time I see pictures of them together I just shake my head and laugh. It's just such an odd pairing! Thanks again for your kind words! : )

  3. I like Brody and Avril... it's like no one will expect them two together :)

  4. LOL im from Sweden too.. I love this blog.
    Avril isnt exactly Brody's usual type.. or he hers. But who knows.
    She kind of reminds me of Heidi season one... short, blonde and skinny lol. Not playmate-ish.

  5. Any girl would be more than lucky to snuggle with Brody!! He is SEXY!

    It is an odd pairing....but I guess opposites truly do attract????