Friday, April 9, 2010

Lo Bosworth & Stephanie Pratt: Filming The Hills S6

credit - zimbio, celebrity paradise

OK, this is totally odd! Lo and Stephanie were shot filming in these exact same clothes back in January! Click here to view the photos. I wonder if they needed extra footage or maybe they're just releasing additional photos to drum up interest for the premiere? In either case, I'm happy for more photos : )


  1. yeah they obviously needed extra footage. that can´t be the same day because Stephanies hair is like 5 inches shorter in these pics. How lame.

  2. yeah also, not like WAYYY noticable, but Stephanie has put on a little weight in these recent pics... and she has TWO bags not one =P

    They needed another scene, end of =P <3

  3. whaaaat? She is a skinny minny.