Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heidi Montag Alleges Sexual Assault From Hills Creator Adam Divello

They must be trying really hard to completely severe their relationship with MTV!
This is about to burn some bridges!
Multiple sources close to Heidi Montag reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the reality star is alleging that she has been touched inappropriate by the creator and executive producer of The Hills, Adam Divello.
"Tension on the set of The Hills has truly escalated in the last few weeks and Spencer and Heidi are very close to bringing legal action against the show," an insider tells me.
The alleged sexual assault happened after Montag's recent multiple cosmetic procedures, they claim. And, the inappropriateness included Divello repeatedly touching Montag's "ass cheeks and lower back." That would be very uncool!
Whispers have plagued Divello for years about the nature of his relationship with The Hills' former heroine, Lauren Conrad and inappropriateness there.
Those close to Heidi say that Adam's inappropriateness towards her is one of the reasons why she has had a large number of security people with her while filming recently.
A Montag source says, "Adam can get away with that with the Audrinas and Kristins of reality TV but not with Heidi! He is a pervert and a creep. The other girls dont feel they can't defend themselves because they are afraid they will lose their job if they talk about the man's workplace behavior. Heidi will not tolerate sexual assault in the workplace!"
These are some very serious allegations!
We have reached out to Adam Divello and look forward to hearing his side of the story.
credit - perez hilton, thanks to S for the heads up! : )

Lo responded to the allegations on twitter:
"I'll repeat it: no one is/has ever been assaulted during filming of our show. hey spiedi, do you know the definition of slander? NOT OKAY."

Go Lo!
I don't believe their story for a minute do you?


  1. Congratulations Heidi, not only has she used Lauren and dropped her like a hot potato as soon as she got some media attention, she is now trying to destroy the other person who made her who she is today.

    I hope this really turns ALL of the public against her, cos c'mon, as much as some people (including me) despise the girl now, she still has a lot of fans.

    Get this girl out of hollywood and out of the magazines, no one cares about her fake little ass anymore...I hope they sue her for slander.

  2. I really hope Adam sues her for slander and defamation. If this were true, why didn't she go to the police? She chose to go to Perez Hilton with the story. She really has become pathetic!



  4. I used to love Heidi! But since her plastic surgery and now this...urgh..I just hate all the media stunts! She really let Hollywood and Spencer get to her head... geez...

  5. If that was the case, she would probably have post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & have flashbacks. Has she been depressed & anxious lately? Hmm, let's call the doctor & see. Last time I checked she was out happily in her little bikini posing.

  6. How low can someone be seriously.
    I hope Heidi and Spencer get what they deserve, being sued for millions and ending up homeless.
    Then she can use her looks for something eg prostitution.

  7. Honestly, yes, Heidi has some serious problems. Truthfully, LO, just lowered herself in even responding. LC also responded on her formspring, again lowering herself as well and playing right into Heidi and Spencer's fame card.

    Here's LC's formspring:


    what do you think of the whole heidi saying she was sexually assulted?
    I think it is completely ridiculous. I guess it's what people like them do when they aren't getting enough attention from the media. It's a desperate act, even from them. I can't even IMAGINE what it is like to start such horrible things that affect people's lives and not care. It's pure selfishness and I hope someday they realize what they're doing is wrong. Adam is a wonderful guy and what they're attempting to do is not going to be tolerated.

  8. April 14, 1:00AM

    No, Lo or Lauren or anyone else who speaks up when someone is being wrongly accused is not lowering themselves to their level. All of the other shit Speidi does, they ignore. But when someone is being accused of something as serious as sexual assault, people need to speak up.

    Heidi also gave the strong impression that Audrina and Kristen and alluding to other female castmates are being assaulted and are complacent or invite his advances.

    This is not about playing into Speidi's sick fame game, this is about saving someone's reputation, life, and career. It's dead serious, and anyone who remains silent because they 'don't want to get involved' or whatever reason are just as bad as the accusers.

    Lo, Lauren and Kristen did the right thing by bringing attention to the lies because it's the right thing to do. They are HIGHER than those who stay silent who know the truth but are too selfish to care about anyone else.

  9. I think that it's great that Lo and Kristin commented on their twitters. I am surprised that Spencer hasn't fired back yet...especially to Lo's comment.

    As far as Lauren's formspring account, I like what was written but highly doubt that it is her. It seems fake to me. I won't be surprised if she keeps mum on this subject.

    Heidi has become so fake, delusional about her talents and ruthless to get to the top. I don't believe a thing that comes out of her mouth. Everything she says is purely to serve herself.

  10. Lauren has commented to US weekly.
    I don't understand how anyone would take a chance and hire Heidi or Spencer after this.
    They pulled this stuff at NBC also.
    They are trouble and cause trouble and are just not worth it. I guess they're hoping to collect on a law suit after this.
    It's so funny. When they first turned on Lauren people thought she was just being a bad friend to Heidi and too possessive.
    They didn't see how dangerous Spencer was.
    I wonder if they see it now.

  11. This is ridiculous! Heidi is so stupid. To go against your ex-best friend is one thing, but to make claims of sexual harrasment by the guy that made you known is a whole 'nother level.

    I support Adam Divello!

  12. Lauren's formspring is not fake.

  13. Lauren's formspring is fake. That myspace account that's linked on the formspace is fake. It's pretty obvious it's fake. She doesn't respond to people on twitter. Why would she do it on some random formlink? If she did have one, she'd advertise the formlink on her REAL myspace account - where she advertises her twitter account.

    She says she only uses twitter, myspace and her official website. Nothing else. Everything else is fake.