Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jayde Nicole: XS Beauty

Jayde has been spending lots of time in Las Vegas lately and it's no wonder, her new love Jesse Waits lives in LV and is a managing partner at her two favourite clubs, XS in Vegas, and Drais in LA.

Jayde tweeted last night:
"Back home in LA. I miss my <3 but at least I have this guy to snuggle with!! Sweet dreams everyone! Xox

awww! Nice to see her so happy : )

credit - Laguna Lovers, xslasvegas.com.
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Aww I am SO jealous of her life!! I heard she is getting her own show on E! And I can't wait to watch! Also her new guy Jesse is GORGEOUS! Way better then stupid Brody! He was SO mean to her!

  2. Those legs!!!!!!!! Wowza!!!!!!!

  3. She is not getting her "own" show its a spin off of all Playboy girl the cast will be over 14 playmates etc... Like GND...
    Jayde will b one of MANY... But the real gossip is the shannon twins r OFF the show

  4. she looks very pretty!!!!:)

  5. Jayde has been looking sooo happy lately! I hope this ALL works out for her. Her new guy (Jesse) looks and sounds like a really nice guy!

  6. she looks so much better than all her friends

  7. Glad to see there's no room for comments that contain hurtful lies. Nice to see some integrity. This site is a reflection of Kelli as much as the cast members. It says alot that she won't let people post rude comments, one's accusing people of drug/alcohol problems etc. It's her site, if you want to talk crap, start your own. She has many supporters here.

    Jayde has never said it was "her" show, it will involve others and it sounds like it will be fun. I think it follows the real life of a Playmate, all the behind the scenes, the good and the bad.