Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jayde Nicole's new man Jesse Waits

Jayde tweeted:
"Me and my love Jesse Waits :) just to clarify lol he is my one and only xox"

Jayde and Jesse were spotted at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Los Angeles,California on Tuesday (April 13). Here is a cute photo of the two of them strapped into the skycoaster for bungee jumping ride. I believe Jayde's tweet was to set the record straight as a few gossip sites incorrectly identified Jesse earlier today as Joffrey Lupol!

So who is Jesse Waits? Glad you asked. Here's his bio on Wikepedia:
Jesse Waits is an American businessman involved in the nation's entertainment/nightclub scene. Waits is managing partner at XS nightclub inside Encore Las Vegas, Tryst nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas, Drai's After Hours inside Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon, Botero restaurant inside Encore Las Vegas and Drai's Hollywood at the new W Hollywood hotel in Hollywood, Ca.
Waits has established himself as one of the most influential and powerful figures on the national nightlife scene.
Waits has been honored with several accolades. Professionally, Waits has guided XS, Tryst and Drai's to multiple awards, including XS nightclub's No. 1 ranking in this year's Top 100 ranking on the Nightclub & Bar Magazine's annual list. Tryst, ranked No. 2 ranking in last year's Top 100 poll, was No. 5 this year. Drai's After Hours placed No. 16 in the same ranking this year, up an impressive six spots from last year's No. 22 position.
XS nightclub also took home the Mega-Club of the Year award, as well as the New Club of the Year honor in the Nightclub & Bar magazine competition.
Waits, his identical twin brother, Cy Waits, and nightlife impresario Victor Drai received the ultimate honor in 2009 when they were named Operators of the Year at the Nightclub & Bar magazine's convention.

Jesse and Cy Waits pictured with Victor Drai

This year, XS and Tryst are up for a combined eight awards in the Nightclub & Bar and Club World competitions. Personally, he and his brother were named as part of Extra's "America's Most Eligible Bachelors" list.
Growing up, Waits split his time between Hawaii and Southern California before making a move to Nevada in 1998.
Waits was chosen to open and manage Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, where he is widely known for having established the popularity of the exclusive nightclub among locals and tourists. Waits was also heavily involved in the opening of Light nightclub at Bellagio.
And Foundation Room was also where Waits experienced met Drai, owner of Drai’s After Hours and co-owner of Tryst and XS nightclubs.
Drai expressed interest in working with Waits, thus starting their productive and prosperous relationship with each other, and his brother.
The trio made its first impressive imprint on the Las Vegas nightlife scene when they took the reins of the space once occupied by La Bete nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas and redesigned/transformed it into Tryst, which became one of Sin City’s most lucrative and successful venues.
The powerhouse team followed up Tryst with XS, which is arguably the most profitable and powerful nightclub in the world after an amazing first year on the nightlife scene.
Combine all that with Drai's After Hours' unparalled success as the longest-running after hours venue in Las Vegas which celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2010 and the threesome's latest venture - Drai's Hollywood - and you have one of the world's most dominant nightlife teams which Waits has had one of the biggest hands in developing into greatness.

And if that's not impressive enough - he's good looking to boot! Check out this interview with Jesse:

credit - wikepedia,, gossip center


  1. Jayde traded way up and Brody traded down down down!

  2. The interview seals it. The guy has no ego, and takes nothing for granted, and just comes off as a nice person. Obviously he's very smart, and for someone who is surrounded by women 24/7 at clubs and could probably have whoever he wanted, his intelligence doesn't just end with business, as he was smart enough to go after Jayde.

    Brody got 2 TV shows on the air which is nothing to sniff at, but this guy makes Brody look like the spoiled slacker he is referred to often. Jesse is self-made. OH, yes Jayde traded up, most of all because he makes her so happy. She's been positively glowing. I'm so happy for her and hope we hear more about them in the future.

  3. Awwww i'm happy for Jayde, she comes across a sweetie so i hope it works out for her and her new man.

  4. awww cute glad she found a new man, brody is good looking but i mean he thinks he is gods gift to women he is so not. looks arent everything... im really liking this new couple :)

  5. SCORE Jayde!!!! Im gonna have to agree, Jayde trade waaaay up and Brody - omg - what is he thinking?!?!?! traded waaaay down! Im really happy for her, this guy looks amazing!

  6. my friend dated Jesse and I can tell you that he is the most amazing guy! He is so humble, smart, giving, and very kind. I don't know much about her but I hope she's good to him and the things I have heard about her she seems very sweet, so I'm very happy for them!

  7. Jesse is the kindest and most gracious person I ever met.
    He and his brother Cy are two of the classiest gentlemen I have ever known...
    Congrats Jade!!!!!!

  8. she looks like a middle ages gal from dallas who's had some work done , how old is she?

  9. I recall the bartenders at House of Blues used to throw Jesse into the dumpster and light his legs on cire with 151. He got fired as a barback from that place.

  10. I worked with Jesse at the Planet Hollywood restaurant back in the day! He was always a very nice, humble guy. It's amazing to see the successful life he lives now! Hard work always pays off. I'm so proud of him!