Friday, April 2, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Shopping in Westwood

Kristin on her favorite moment from last season:
"The one that really stands out the most to me was the first episode that I was in ... the first episode of the season that I was on," she told MTV News after news broke that the upcoming season of the show will be the last "The fight that I got into with Audrina and Stephanie was so out of left field and that was the last thing that I was expecting to happen," she said about her explosive return. "And it was probably one of the biggest fights I've ever been in. So that was just the moment that really stands out the most to me."
While the now-infamous girl fight stands out to Cavallari, at the end of last season she admitted it was an equally scandalous girl kiss that left her a bit embarrassed. "I think that sort of my I-wish-I-didn't moment was when I made out with Stacie in Vegas," she explained. "That was one episode I had to call my dad and say, 'Dad, sorry — this is going to be your least favorite episode.' "
credit - celeb city,


  1. i really need a red jacket - this looks fab xxxx

  2. I love his shoes, his red jacket and of course it ...

  3. She is sooo freaking gorgeous. She has the best style...very sexy California girl, naturally beautiful.