Friday, April 23, 2010

Spencer Pratt will not return, says Kristin Cavallari

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In mid-March, Spencer Pratt was put on an indefinite hiatus from "The Hills," with his return contingent on completing anger management training. That hiatus just went from indefinite to permanent, according to castmate Kristin Cavallari.
"Spencer got kicked off the show like a month and a half ago," Cavallari tells Zap2it. She insists that reports that he'll return after counseling are false. "It got really bad with him. He's done; he's completely done."
We're not surprised after checking out Pratt's recent Twitter tirade, directed at Audrina Patridge. That's a whole lot of anger, and absolutely no sign of management.
We may not be seeing much of Spencer's surgery-enhanced wife, Heidi Montag, either. Montag has missed six weeks of filming, and they wrap for the season in June. "Heidi is in a legal battle with MTV right now, and she hasn't filmed in a month and a half," Cavallari says. She and castmates Patridge, Stephanie Pratt, and Lo Bosworth barely interact with the couple in the first part of the season. "They're kind of off in their own little world."
Heidi has accused "Hills" creator Adam Divello of sexual harassment on set. When asked about the legal battle, Kristin sighs. "I have no freaking comment," she says. "I wasn't there. I don't know. Adam's never on set when I'm there."
credit: By Carina MacKenzie at
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