Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth: Filming on Melrose

Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Bosworth were spotted filming scenes for “The Hills” on Wednesday (April 7) in West Hollywood, CA.
credit - gossip center

Stephanie tweeted:
"Soooo close to getting matching crop tops w @lobosworth today on melrose!! She left hers at the store... On purpose! She played me!" LOL


  1. Lo s gettin a lil bit "fat" lately!!n honestly that dress its not helping!!it make her legs looks choppy!

  2. omg! as if you said that. Lo is not fat at all!
    I'd give anything to have her curves!

  3. Lo is far from fat. I think she's a size 6 but compared to a size 0 or 2 - she looks much bigger.

  4. That is a RUDE and mean thing to say. Wow. Everyone wonders why all these stars get plastic surgery because everyone carves them apart. I find Lo refreshing and beautiful. She is a classy lady.