Monday, May 10, 2010

Heidi Montag at Camp Pendleton

Once again, I have deliberately not posted any of the pictures with Spencer. You're Welcome ;)

credit - profimedia
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. she looks much better in normal clothes!

  2. Her face has relaxed a lot !!

  3. Seriously. Don't these guys have bigger and better things to do than show Speidi around their base?? Who the hell approved this?!? Or were Speidi the "celebrity" treat for returning soldiers? Have they not been thru enough?

    The whole thing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

  4. wow she is looking much better not so puffy in the face i guess its all healed up she looks a lot more like she did before now so i hope she STOPS.. its enough she is beautiful, anymore and she will ruin herself please heidi no more! bigger boobies would just be plain scary and unhealthy there too big as they are now! i actually still love heidi and beleive in her i know she is very lost and what she needs is a new start and to get rid of spencer, he drags her down and is going to be the end of her unless she gets out fast. he has serious anger issues, if he is like that with his sister & heidis sister then what is he like with heidi.. or is he too scared to treat her like that coz she is his fame ticket?? for how long, but seriously happy positive relationship? no it is not! if heidi wants people to start taking her seriously the first step is to get rid of spencer!