Thursday, May 13, 2010

Heidi Montag Calls Cops on Mom

Another day, another drama for Heidi Montag.
On Thursday, the Hills star called police after her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, arrived at her Los Angeles home.
"My mom showed up unannounced to my house when she knows I have no interest in seeing or talking with her," Montag, 23, tells PEOPLE. "She tore my heart out on national television. She is just trying to create drama in my life."
Montag and her mom have let the drama unfold on camera too. Earlier this season on the Hills, Montag returned home to Colorado to show off her new body after undergoing 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Her mom's reaction drove the reality star to tears and prompted her husband, Spencer Pratt, to declare on Tuesday's episode, that Egelhoff "decided to rape my wife emotionally."
Los Angeles police confirm that Egelhoff came to her daughter's house on Thursday and was turned away.
"Officers arrived on the scene and advised the mother that since her daughter's an adult, she doesn't have to speak to [the mom] if she doesn't want to," Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Leffew tells PEOPLE. "The mother said 'fine, no problem' and left. There were no citations or arrests."
And Montag says this isn't the end of all the drama. "I made it very clear that I want nothing to do with her in my life right now," she tells PEOPLE.
Continues Montag: "I'm sick to my stomach she would even do something like this. She needs to stay away from me. I’m planning on getting a restraining order against her."
Calls to Egelhoff were not immediately returned.
credit - People
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. that has gone too far none of this would have happen if Spencer didnt like any of Montags family or friends..thats pathetic on her part not to talk to her mother for saying how she feels. that a whole other level of disrespect.

  2. I think it shows how immature Heidi really is. Okay, so her mom hurt her feelings - Heidi needs to get over her bad self. You don't call the cops on your family because they don't agree with your choices. I think Heidi is the one creating the drama and attention since Darlene just turned away and left when the cops asked her too. I feel sorry for Heidi more than anything.

  3. The whole is so sad. How she just turn her back on her mother like that. Really very sad.

  4. Charlie said it best on the Hills when he asked Spencer if they are just going to build up walls so high that no one can come in.

  5. who would want to

  6. omg, are you friggin serious??? this is just going way too far. she needs to get over it! its her own mother, shes making such a big deal out of this. gosh, thats so low, turning ur back on ur own mother when she didnt really do anything bad to u. thats sad. if i was her mother i would be so heart broken

  7. the whole world can see how pathetic crazy angry scary gross and horrible spencer is.. serioudly why cant heidi see it, love is truely blind.. i been there but i realised what a good realationship is and what a negative one is and got out i hope heidi can see the light and find herself again. sigh as most of you, i have watched heidi for yrs now so kinda makes me want to cry how she has let everything get like this!

  8. I thought Heidi's mom handled her daughter's re-aranging of her face quite tactfully. I mean she could have really flipped out about what would make her daughter want to make herself look like a different person.

    Heidi's the one who brought the MTV cameras to her mom's house. She's the one bringing the drama.

    Enough about Spencer....Heidi is responsible for her own actions. Yes, he is psycho...and so is she. She has free will. I'm sure she called People to report about her mom. It's time to stop excusing Heidi as helpless and innocent.

  9. I wonder how Heidi will feel once she realises she has no one. She's pushed all her friends away, and now her family as well? What happens to her when no one is interested in her anymore (like the media), what will she do then? She's obviously feeding off it. Poor girl who's so blind.

  10. They probably just called the cops for attention. All these stories keep coming out about them.

  11. @8:38 exactly. what a coincidence (haha)that her mom was in town right as the big Us Weekly story broke. i think speidi and her folks are laughing all the way to the bank!

  12. Ya, it kind of makes you wonder how real this stuff is, that is for sure. But, even Heidi, she used to go around especially on twitter & be so happy & thankful, & now she rarely tweets. I think something is up. The whole "cop" thing might be for $, but something is seriously wrong. I miss the Heidi that was in Season 1!