Monday, May 3, 2010

'The Hills' Season 5 - part 2 - more deleted scenes

Click here to see more deleted scenes
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. love this ........jayde for once is not fighting with anyone !

  2. Oh what a shock - they cut out all the scenes where Jayde was being funny and a sweetheart and only left in the few mins of drama that was supposed to make her look psycho! aGGGH, no wonder Jayde didnt want to go back this season.
    Was great to see lighthearted Brody & Jayde stuff, they seemed really sweet together, shame they broke up. Thanks Kelli!

  3. And those weren't all. Last December for the season 5 finale they showed a scene where Brody and Jayde were shopping and Brody wanted to see how the clothes looked and it was so funny with him trying to chase her into the change room and she was cracking up and her laugh is so cute.

    You could tell it was genuine moment, that they were very playful and had alot of fun together. But the Hills hate anything genuine or happy.