Friday, May 14, 2010

Johannes Huebl as 'The Manny' (video)

The video, shot in the summer of 07, was used as a promotional tool for the novel, "The Manny". In it, the relatively unknown German model Johannes Huebl (and later boyfriend to Olivia Palermo) plays a manny to a desperate Upper East Side Mother. The video's rap is recited like something your Middle School teacher would play to teach you about fractions.
I genuinely laughed outloud while watching this video–and not only at the video's expense! Tinsley Mortimer makes a completely random and gratuitous appearance , but it's ok because hearing her purr into the camera "He's got a sweet ass" was awesome.
And speaking of gratuitous, there are a lot of shots of Huebl, tanned and shirtless on a bed, massaging various older women who brag about how he can "bang all day".
The video ends with Johannes in bed, deadpanning to the camera: "It's good to be the manny."
And now, as if we had any doubt before, we know it's good to be Olivia Palermo, too.
credit - guest of a guest
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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