Friday, May 14, 2010

Olivia Palermo films for 'The City' in Japan

A film crew trailed Olivia Palermo as she visited Tokyo’s fashion hot-spots including the brand new Ao Building in Omotesando.
The 24-year-old fashionista spoke to the Japanese crowd through a translator as she appeared as guest of honour at the launch of the Tibi ‘Napoleon and Josephine’ collection.
“It plays on opposites like masculine and feminine,” Olivia said of the line.
She was joined on stage by Tibi designer and founder Amy Smilovic.
After the show the New York socialite posed for pictures and signed autographs for her Japanese fans as she hit the shops and boutiques in Tokyo's trendy Omotesando.
The City is a big hit in Japan where it is shown on satellite and cable television.
'She was really surprised by all the attention,' said an onlooker.
'Lots of Japanese girls recognised her straight away and they weren't shy about approaching her for autographs.
“Olivia was really nice and spent a lot of time meeting everybody – and it was all caught on camera for her show.
credit - gossip center, monsters and critics
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  1. ooooooooh she dyed her hair black!!mmh....her face its 2 white 4 that dark colour but its nice=)

  2. I actually like it for a change. It really makes her eyes pop. I also like when she went lighter for the summer and then back to her natural color in the fall. She's one person who can really pull off all shades.