Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Speidi Split Is Just Another Publicity Stunt!

In case you missed it yesterday, Holly Montag let the cat out of the bag on the Speidi break-up.
In reply to a tweet that said "I really hope Heidi is getting away from Spencer"
She vehemently tweeted back "Shes not. If anyone has come to expect anything from those 2 is that THEY r LIARS!"

Are we really surprised? Life for Speidi seems to be one publicity stunt after the other. This latest stunt is an attempt to garner publicity for a show Heidi will be filming this summer with gal pal Jenn Bunney.
No word yet on whether there is a distributor for their show but you can bet money it will be produced by Pratt productions and possibly even filmed by Spencer Pratt himself. Did you forget Spencer has mad video skills? ;)

~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Heidis dress looks amazing! But I really hope she see one day that Spencer made her loose LC

  2. Love the picture selection for this one! Everytime I think of Heidi & her wedding I remember Steph asking her what she wanted for a wedding cake & she said white chocolate vanilla truffle moose. Steph was like that's about 5 flavors. Then I remember her on Jay Leno where she said she was in the doctor's office checking off all the procedures she wanted on a check list like she was shopping. I wish she'd really get help!

  3. You do a phenomenal job on your blog! x0x0 mtv_thehills

    I think crying wolf so many times just goes to show you that anything they do from this point on, is questionable.

  4. it's ron jeremy time sweetie ..

  5. Whats wrong with her claw hands