Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Heidi Montag and Jen Bunney: No Longer Friends?

Spencer Pratt isn't the only person that Heidi Montag is divorcing. X17online exclusively has learned that Heidi's friendship with Jennifer Bunney is over.
A source close to Heidi tells X17online:
"Heidi is trying to distance herself from Jen ... not even returning her calls. Ever since Jen has returned from Hong Kong, she's been calling Heidi non-stop asking about this summer's show. Heidi is definitely over her."
X17online spoke with Jennifer Bunney just yesterday where she told us that she's been accepted into the University of Texas Medical School. Bunney, who just returned from Hong Kong, is in The Lone Star State where she's meeting with the school's dean. Jennifer tells X17online:
"I've decided that I may defer my acceptance into medical school because I'd like to get my MBA first. I want to make sure that when I get to med school I'll be Doctor Bunney. I'm moving to Hollywood next week so I'll most likely go to get my masters in the LA area. Plus, I want to be in Hollywood so that I'll be able to do the show with Heidi this summer. But for some reason she's not returning my calls. It's so hard to get a hold of her. I've heard that she may do a show in the UK, but this is the first I've heard about that. I think she would have told me if the show concept has been changed ... right?"
Uh ... wrong. If she's ignoring you these days, you're probably going to be kept out of the loop. May be a good idea to tell that dean of admissions that you accept! Our Heidi source tells us, "Since Jen went to Hong Kong, she has no idea that the whole game has changed. Heidi think Jen's five minutes have gone to her head."
As for Heidi, she recently tweeted:
@karissashannon1 will be moving in my Malibu house this summer and will be filming our new show! We are going to have fun hot summer!
@kristinashn1 Please come back to Malibu I miss you!!!!! We need to get our tan on! xoxo
Please follow the hottest twins in the world @KristinaShn1 @karissashannon1 and my BFFS!!!!
Even though nothing is official yet regarding Heidi's supposed summer show in Malibu, looks like she's excited to start filming the twins. No, not those twins.
Sorry Bunney, looks like you've been replaced by two Playboy bunnies. Life can be so cruel sometimes.

**Update** We just got off the phone with Jennifer Bunney and she tells X17online exclusively:
"I knew something was up because she honestly has not called me back. I think that is so messed up that I have to learn about my own friendship through the media. I'm not going to cry about it and to be honest with you, everything happens for a reason. This is just so shocking because I've been so supportive of her. I quit my job because she told me to. I was supposed to move in with her within the next couple of days. It's really not cool to be left in the dark. I'm still going to defer my medical school acceptance so that I can attend business school first. But I guess if the Shannon twins are joining the Malibu show, then it's not really the concept I was wanting to be a part of anyway. And as far as me 'letting my 15 minutes go to my head', whatever, the show hasn't even started yet. Well, maybe I'll try to get my own show."

Deferring medical school for reality TV? It's official - Jen Bunney is as nuts as Heidi!
credit - x17
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Hmmm...Heidi getting her own UK show? Anything to do with Spencer claiming he's getting his ok show too in UK after he tweeted it the other day??!

    Something is so fishy here...

  2. Heidi, Spencer and Jenn Bunney=DESPERATE

  3. Where's Lauren Conrad?? I want to hear from a real star, not these "never was" losers!

  4. something is always fishy when it comes to Heidi and Spencer.

  5. If Jenny Bunny goes to medical school I'll kiss my own azz.

  6. Not going to med school?? As if she ever got accepted in the first place! I don't think they allow brain dead bimbos into med school.... sorry sweetheart but this just proves you're without a doubt an idiot!

  7. Yeah this is total BS. Has anyone checked on this claim she got into med school? As someone in pharmacy school, there are so many things wrong here. First, you have to take years of pre requisites to even be considered for med school (in addition to making an acceptable score on the MCAT). these pre reqs are only valid for a certain number of years. So not only would these be invalid by the time she got done with her "MBA", but med schools don't let you defer long enough to go through a totally different school for a complete different career. Not to mention that she must've been Wonder Woman to go through both pre req classes for med school and business classes to qualify her for a masters program to finally get a MBA. And throw in doing a reality show? Does this girl think everyone is dumb as dirt and gullible as hell? I mean come on!! Maybe in addition to all these "studies" she has been doing, she should research her lies before releasing them to the public. Just a suggestion....