Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heidi Montag: Pregnancy Rumours Abound

Heidi Montag is having a serious case of “The Sads” over nagging suspicions that she may be expecting a bundle of joy with her estranged husband, Spencer Pratt.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the thought of a world occupied by a mini-Speidi makes us sad too…and frightened….very frightened.
With her paparazzi pals in tow, Montag filed for legal separation from her Hills co-star/hubby in a Santa Barbara courthouse on Tuesday. The pair have reportedly been bumping heads since Heidi’s marathon plastic surgery makeover last November, with Spencer becoming increasingly controlling over his bride in recent months. Hollywood moles, however, say the aspiring actress, 23, continued being intimate with Spencer and is now “terrified” that she may be pregnant.
Word on The Curb has it that Heidi’s Aunt Flo is a little late for her scheduled trip to town this month and the missed period has Montag pacing on pins and needles.
“She and Spencer had an active sex life right up until the day she walked out the door, and she was terrified that she could be pregnant,” an insider tells Star Magazine. “This is the last thing she needs right now.”
News of Heidi’s possible pregnancy isn’t expected to go over well with Spencer either. The pompous egomaniac has been vocal about his desire to not have children.

I don't believe any of it - the split or the baby "news"! Do you?

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  1. Its all fake! Like c'mon its Speidi.