Monday, June 14, 2010

Heidi Montag: Will Her New Show Be Filmed in the UK?

X17online exclusively has learned that Heidi is in final negotiations with ITV, a UK television network, to star in a show featuring she and her BFF Jennifer Bunney. The premise? The two blondes will travel abroad for some European fun. Heidi just returned from London on Saturday ... scoping out locations for the shoot and meeting with ITV execs. By the way, ITV is the same company that spearheaded I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Our source says, "Executives saw the tremendous attention generated from Heidi and Spencer's jungle antics and decided to seek her out for her own show. She was trainwreck TV at its best."
Once the contract is finalized, we're told the unnamed show will begin taping abroad in September. As for Spencer's involvement with the production, our source says, "He has absolutely nothing to do with it."
As for the reality show that was to be shot this summer at a Malibu beach house ... showing off Heidi's single life with friends? Since it was associated with Pratt Productions, "the idea has been scrapped for now because of Spencer and Heidi's marital issues." Plus, the Shannon twins, who were approached by Heidi to be co-stars on the show, are contractually still obligated to Playboy, and we're told the rabbit (as in Mr. Hefner) won't allow them to take part.
Oh, the drama!
credit - X17 online
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. So does this mean that Jen Bunney is going to forgo Med School to do a reality show with Heidi?

  2. So basically everyone caught on that Pratt Productions was filming the show, and in order to continue with this break-up scam, they had to get an outside production company.

  3. Hef is a smart man.