Friday, June 11, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Dirrty Glam Magazine Spread

I wish I spoke enough French to decipher this - the photos are fabulous!
Click here to see the entire photo shoot.
credit - Laguna Lovers, Dirrty Glam Magazine
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Why in French?????????????whyyyyyyyyyy?????!!!
    I hope some1 ll translate it in ENGLISH!!!!

  2. I'm French Canadian... and the article adds nothing new to Kristin...She says The Hills id a job to her... the only thing new (I think) is she mentioned she would of become a psychologist if Laguna never happened. Other than that, she says she would like to act, produce reality shows and maybe start a shoe line after The Hills.

    But the article actually makes 2 mistakes! It says that The Hills fallows Whitney, Lauren, Audrina and Heidi after they move to LA from Laguna! And it also says that Whitney and Lauren leave the show to pursue ventures in New York... lol I guess someone did not do their research!

  3. Hi i'm french and so as i like so luch your blog i decide to translate the interview .
    I'm not very good in english but I hope it will be ok to you .

    Kristin cavalleri is a young woman who knows what she want and when she want. It is this part of her personnaity that we could discovered in Laguna beach and in the hills. So if she wants to start a shoes line or write her autobiographic book at 21 years old, she will do it even if people doesn’t like it . Because going througt her teenager in front of a camera in a TV show isn’t something easy.

    « growing up in front of camera during the laguna beach période was a really weird expérience. MTV came into her lifeet everything change. we were all young and nobody would know how the show will became popular. It was a real succès ! I was the only one who was still at school when the show became on TV , but it was fun and for nothing I would like to change what happened »

    After laguna beach, Kristin decide to join the cast of the hills, a project who became a real war machine in the world of reality tv. Heidi montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port- we all find the figures of Laguna beach in their adult life in L.A. . When Lauren Conrad ans Whitney Port leave the show to continue their in the world of fashion in NYC, Kristin ( as Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth) become some récurrents caracters et steal the show by their towering personality . Kristin says what she wants wich cause her a lot of problems with her friends . « my life has definitely change during the transition between Laguna Beach and the Hills. Laguna Beach showed my real life , and MTV came and when I accept to come in the Hills, je knew exactly what i expect and what I want to keep private. For me it’s more a job that anything else »

    If all this adventure didn’t happened, she wanted to be a psychologist. Very far from the image of the dreaming career in the world of war, answer to what we are usual. « I start to interested me in fashion for not a long time. I wasn’t usual to take care of designers or marques, but now I love that and I spent my time to read magazine of fashion . My favorite designers are Balmain , Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang . My favorite trend this year are the neutral colors, the military jacket and the hooves .

    This career of star of a reality show, Kristin choose it enven if she doesn’t really want it. But with the years, it’s not something that she regrets. « I love TV, one of the advantage is the regular salary, but it’s really pleasant to work three month on a movie and then having two month of holidays. I love both, but I’d like to continue to Watch the TV again . I watch a lot the TV , I follow californication et the diary of a call-girl . »

    So it’s with no surprise that she told us that in the futur she wants to work in that world of tv show. « I’d really like to start produce tv show of reality tv. I proposed some ideas around me and I hope have the possibility to talk about soon . I will continue to be an actress and I think to make a shoes line. » Whatever will be after we continue to follow her

    so i hope i didn't make so many mistakes in the translation ?
    tell me in comments if it's ok to you .
    thanks for you blog because I like it so much .

  4. excellent translation, great article and very beautiful photos, thanks louise...

  5. Thank you Souci and a huge thank you to you Louise!! I loved the translation and even more that you took the time and care to do it for us. You are a star! xxxxoooo