Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lo Bosworth Dishes on Her Favourite Makeup and The Hills Finale

Along with teaming up with Nivea for the Goodbye Cellulite challenge, Lo Bosworth is helping us with relationshaips and launching her own website. Busy, busy! We sat down with The Hills hottie to talk must-have makeup and more.
BellaSugar: If we were to have a nosey through your makeup bag, what would we find?
Lo Bosworth: It depends! I have a few, and they're overflowing because I love makeup so much. Shu Uemura's eyelash curler is at the top of my list. My lashes don't hold curls very well, so that's an essential. I've also been wearing waterproof mascara. I don't love the consistency or removal process, but it really helps to keep lashes curly. I use Bag Balm as hand cream. And I've been into Everyday Minerals foundation. I've always used liquid foundation, but I'm experimenting.
Bella: What kind of hair tips do you have?
LB: Lately I like curly hair, but a little bit brushed out. Scarlett Johansson had that at the MTV Movie Awards. You just need a Mason Pearson brush and add dry shampoo to the roots for body.
Bella: You're a California girl. Do you wear sunscreen religiously?
LB: Always. My mum has worn sunscreen all her life and she has amazing skin. So I followed her lead.
Bella: How are you feeling now that The Hills is coming to an end?
LB: Bittersweet. It's almost like our family is breaking apart. I love the cast and crew and MTV, but I'm also glad to be moving on to new projects. I'm working on a book about relationships, which is hopefully turning into a show. And I'm launching a new lifestyle site, The LoDown, in July.
credit - BellaSugar Australia
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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