Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heidi Montag Is NOT in Costa Rica

It turns out Heidi has not been in Costa Rica as was reported by several different media outlets. Rumors were spreading Saturday that Heidi and Spencer were meeting in Costa Rica to discuss whether their alleged sex tape would be released or if they should do another reality show together.
However according to Radar Online, Heidi Montag is nowhere near Costa Rica and has no idea why Spencer might be spreading rumors that the two are there meeting.
They spoke with Cougar Zank, the couple's good friend and Heidi's rumoured boyfriend.
"She is not in Costa Rica with Spencer," Cougar says. "She does not know why he is saying this."

Personally I don't think either one of them is in Costa Rica but notice how much press they've both milked out of this story?
I posted a side by side comparison photo of the alleged recent photo of Heidi and one taken at Liquid pool back in April. Vast difference don't you think? There are a lot of inconsistencies. In the Liquid Pool photo she has larger breasts, a flatter stomach, and visibly smaller hips and upper thighs not to mention all the facial changes! I still believe the Costa Rica picture is an older photo that was taken before she had her 10 surgeries. What do you think?

TMZ is reporting that they caught Spencer and Heidi in Costa Rica on video. Funny, I only see Spencer! It's too far away too tell if the girl that is hiding her head is actually Heidi or not. My vote is still no. You?
Click here to check out the video

~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. what i think is that, they're probably vacationing in Costa Rica but since she's trying to "DIVORCE" him, they're hushing it up. her breasts were bigger before because that was just after the surgery, it's pretty much gone down a few sizes. she had another nose surgery, if you compare from before, the nostril is smaller. you can't get a bigger nose after having it resized. AND she's probably put on some weight since she couldn't eat properly before from the chin and jaw surgery.

    GEE! i don't even like her and i've just wasted some braincells on analyzing the whole sitch! HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Her body look the same for me, but not her face. Its realy weird!!

  3. I dont know what she did, but she looks not so good. I hope thats before the surgery.

  4. Before surgery for sure! Photo 1 boobs and face are old Heidi, photo 2 we have 3.0 Frakenheidi.

  5. Old photos. Her surgery was way back in November. Heaps of time for the swelling to go down.

    Once you've altered your face it's never going to look the same. It's physically impossible! Take Sophie Monk and Nikki Cox, both beautiful pre surgery. If they could get their old faces back don't you think they would?

  6. thats not her before surgery. She hasnt got any make up on and her swelling has gone down on her face alot!!! no botox and her boobs have dropped which is normal after having a boob job. Oh and notice she hasnt bleached her eyebrows which is why she looks like old heidi...and she has put on weight because her jaw is back to normal!!! I think she is still ugly and will never be pretty no matter how many surgeries she has! SHE IS A WANNABE PORN STAR

  7. BUSTED BY TMZ.... that was heidi! Why would spencer run for with the TWO DOGS THEY SHARE? Spencer would of taken up the opportunity to talk on camera if he wasnt soooo scared! DUMB ASS!