Tuesday, August 10, 2010

VIDEO: Jayde Nicole Covers Her Brody Jenner Tattoo with a new one on 'The Bunny House'

Jayde Nicole stars in 'The Girls Next Door' spin-off 'The Bunny House' on Sundays, 10:30PM ET on E!). In this clip, Jaayde's history with Brody is still evident, in the form of a tattoo. "After we broke up, I felt really stupid having a 'B' initialed on the inside of my mouth," she admits.
Jayde can't get it removed, so she covers it up with a new tat. "Learn from my mistakes, and don't get your boyfriend's name tattooed on you anywhere ever for any reason," she advises her comrades. Noted.
credit - tvsquad.com
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. i love jayde!!!!! you need to make a buuny house fan page!!


  2. Love that Jayde is on a new show! She looks gorgeous in that video. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for posting Jayde Nicole news. I really appreciate it!