Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heidi Montag: Costa Rica Photo Op and an apology from Spencer

Stilling living the island life, Heidi Montag continued her stay in the tropical locale of Costa Rica on Tuesday (September 8).
The bikini-clad former MTV reality star sipped on a drink while taking a dip in the pool at her villa as one of her dogs joined in on the waterbound action.
In other Speidi news,ealier today Spencer issued a long apology to Heidi, saying he's planning "intense soul-searching" and pursuing "appropriate avenues for my issues."
"Divorce can be a trying, draining, and emotionally devastating experience for all involved," Pratt, 27, tells PEOPLE. "Despite these hardships, most individuals manage to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity. I did not – I failed spectacularly."
Addressing his actions toward Montag, 23, he says, "I horribly embarrassed the one person that meant the world to me. For my outrageous and infantile behavior, I offer Heidi my most sincere apologies."
He didn't specify what actions, but Pratt has been threatening to release a sex tape involving Montag, launched rants against her on Twitter and has been relentlessly pursuing her in Costa Rica.
"Over the years, her love, support, and friendship were always given, but never properly cherished. I let her down," he says. "She never deserved the pain and anguish I put her through, and although I don't expect it, I hope in time she'll be able to forgive me."
He adds, "Even though our relationship has changed, I will always count her among my best friends."
credit - Gossip Center, People
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I have no doubts that she is suffering from major depressive disorder. These photos and her latest tweets about suing Adam are tragic. She needs to sue Dr. Frank Ryan's estate before her 1 year SOL runs out.

  2. Too little too late Spencer.

  3. I call BS! Nothing these two do or say is ever sincere.