Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dr Ryan's Mother Lashes Out At Heidi Montag

In her first interview since the death of her famed plastic surgeon son, Mary Kate Ryan has opened-up about her loss to and slammed his former patient, Heidi Montag.
Mary Kate vehemently denies claims by the reality star that Dr. Frank Ryan coerced her into undergoing extensive surgery, and branded Montag's comments about Ryan as "vindictive."
"I don't like vindictive [people]. He's gone now, forget it," Mary Kate told in an emotional interview as she attended the First & Hope Supper Club Benefit For Dr. Frank Ryan in downtown Los Angeles on Monday night.
"What she did I don't think it's right. He's gone."
Mary Kate is of course referring to an ABC Primetime Special titled Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far? where 24-year-old Montag blamed Dr. Ryan for coercing her into undergoing numerous surgeries and for not adequately warning her about all the issues associated with plastic surgery.

During the interview Montag revealed she had had a slew of "work" done including: a brow lift, a nose job, her ears pinned back, her chin shaved, a second breast enlargement, her back "scooped out", fat injected into her cheekbones and lipo on her inner and outer thighs.
As previously reported Montag, then 23, underwent a mind boggling TEN plastic surgery procedures in just one single day, courtesy of Dr Ryan, back in November 2009, totally transforming both her face and her body.
She later claimed Dr Ryan 'misled' her, saying: "I wouldn't do it again... If I could go back, I'd wouldn't have had them...It was a lot harder than I was led on by my doctor... I didn't know how excessive it really was."
Mary Kate, however, says Montag asked for all the procedures herself and says that her claims are simply ridiculous.

"One minute she says his hands were created by God and the next minute she's saying she's upset with her body," Mary Kate told "This woman's statements are not true. Everyone knows that's not true. There were people present during the consultations she had with my son. Unfortunately, it's the world we live in and it's sad."
Mary Kate says she misses her son and hopes that Monday's benefit will remind people of the good man Dr. Ryan was and how he was a pillar in the community.
"Today means something for my son," she said as she began to cry. "We're going to keep his legacy alive. He did a lot of good. He worked hard for where he is by himself. It wasn't just given to him."
As for Montag, Mary Kate says she has absolutely no hard feelings toward her - instead, she feels sorry for the reality star.
"She's young," Mary Kate says. "She'll find out when she gets older about the world she lives in."
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credit - Radar Online
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  1. Ugh, here I go! There is a phrase called res ipsa loquitur, which stand for "the thing that speak for itself." Regardless of whether or not she was "coerced" into having the surgeries is irrelevant! The mere fact that he performed them (being the more sophisticated party) speaks volumes in and of itself that it was excessive and non-necessary. It doesn't matter if she begged him or if she was coered into having the surgeries, he should not have performed them, period the end.

  2. I agree. No one should be performing excessive surgeries like that esp on young girls! Totally negligent imo.

  3. Heidi will never be the celebrity she wants to be and will use any opportunity she can to get a few more seconds in the spotlight, including blaming her doctor after his death. She is delusional, narcissistic, and heartless.

  4. When the Dr.was alive Heidi praised him.
    Now that he's dead and unable to defend himself she is full of complaints.

  5. Actually she didn't praise him. She said she almost died and he disputed it. Regardless, dead or alive he should not have performed the surgeries in the first place. It doesn't matter how delusional she is, he was the one that should have told her to get psychiatric treatment when she came to him with a laundry list of desired corrections.

  6. Wrong! There have been at least 5 different stories at this point. In the first one Heidi fawned all over Dr Ryan and indeed said he had the hands of a God. Second story she claimed she almost died which Dr Ryan and other staff members denied. Then she started praising him again and they did a TV interview together. Then after he died she started talking about how unhappy she was with her boobs and the final story has been how he was careless and she has all these unsightlly scars. I think they are both nut jobs. Him for doing the surgery and her for milking it for all its worth!

  7. Totally agree with 5:22.
    Thanks for sticking to the facts.

  8. The Doctor's ALWAYS deny any kind of anesthesia problems or other problems. They won't even document it in the records. They are all terrified of being sued. Yes, those releases you sign before surgery mean NOTHING! I agree they are both bat shit crazy (Heidi & Dr. Ryan) but Dr. Ryan was the more educated & knowledgeable person (about side effects, etc.) so he is definitely at fault! As far as her loving her surgeries at first. It's normal to be in such denial and shock over any major alteration of appearance (especially the face) so I do believe she was in shock and wanted so bad to like the outcome (she spent over $200,000 on the surgeries if you count the home care she hired) but later came to her senses. Nothing is cut and dry when it comes to a severe alteration of one's appearance. With all that said, Dr. Ryan should have never performed the surgeries. You can slice this however you want but that simple fact remains. He should have not done it period! Several other doctors have agreed with the high degree of risk and opined they would not have done them. That speaks for itself.

  9. They denied it because it never happened! Sure a Dr can try to cover things up but the bottom line is hospital records don't lie. And yes, these things always go in the records. I know. I work in a hospital. Why do you think malpratice insurance is so high? You had better believe had it actually happened the way Speidi said it did they would have had proof to back them up. And that proof would have found it's way to radar online or Perez Hilton or any of the other 100's of media outlets that they consort with. I'm not defending Dr Ryan, I think he should never have done the surgeries but if you're going to start taking Spencer and Heidi at face value well, I have some swamp land in Florida that I'd like to sell you...

  10. Not to mention Heidi makes up stories at the drop of a hat.

  11. Hospital records don't lie but the people who make them do! Omitting things from records is litigated every day across America! Also, it wasn't a hospital it was an aftercare facility, which is even more lax than a hospital because usually the doctor's own them whereas a hospital is separate from a doctor's interests. The point is he should not have done the surgeries. I doubt there is a soul out there that thinks Dr. Ryan should have done these surgeries. Yes, Heidi is nuts but your arguments are ridiculous!

  12. Of course Dr Ryan shouldn't have done the surgeries but that doesn't mean Heidi is any less responsible for her choices before and after those surgeries. I hold them both equally accountable. And yes, on occasion things are omitted from records but that is the exception not the norm! I would never cover up a physician's mistake nor would anybody else I know. Breaking the law and risking your career for someone else's gaff? Not happening on my watch!

  13. I think we are all in agreement that the surgeries shouldn't have been done. Everyone has said that repeatedly. However, trying to say that Heidi was telling the truth about almost dying is your belief, not a fact. The idea that medical records were covered up and that it was the Dr. that was lying is your belief. Again, zero proof. Heidi could have been (and probably was) the person lying in this case as she lies all the time to get headlines and attention.
    Just b/c someone disagrees w/ you doesn't mean their argument is ridiculous. And just b/c the Dr. did something he shouldn't have done doesn't make Heidi honest, nor does it mean there's a cover up involved.

  14. I don't think you can blame Heidi at all. Dr. Ryan who knew the risks of the surgery should have told her that her requests were not only risky but completely unnecessary for someone 24 years old. On top of that her request for several small changes were a red flag for BDD. If he simply turned her away as it was his ethical duty to do so none of the excessive anesthesia issues would even be at issue. Two wrongs (Heidi wanting ridiculous surgery, DR. Ryan performing ridiculous surgeries) do not make a right. Dah!