Friday, February 4, 2011

Interview: Wit From Whitney Port

by Sara Glassman
On "The Hills," Whitney Port was introduced as a fashion closet-mate of Lauren Conrad at Teen Vogue's. When Port took her ambitions to New York on "The City," her own television and fashion industry career took off, first at Diane von Furstenberg, then at a public relations company and finally with her own line, Whitney Eve. In her new book, "True Whit," Port is letting the world in on her own story and offering advice for those who wish to follow in her high-heel footsteps. She called in from Los Angeles with a preview.
Q Describe your style.
A My personal style is pretty eclectic. In Los Angeles, it's different. If I'm just going into work [at Whitney Eve], I wear jeans, a T-shirt and some Converse.
Q Why a book?
A I decided to do it because I get so many questions from girls out there. It's for what my mom likes to call the quarter-life crisis, and we don't know where we fit in the world.
Q What five pieces does every girl need in her wardrobe now?
A A leather motorcycle jacket, a great pair of jeans, a pair of platform wedges, a nice yummy cashmere scarf that could travel throughout the season and a flirty tribal-print dress.
Q What's your all-time favorite outfit?
A I recently wore a baby blue vintage dress to a Cover Girl event. So chic and I just felt pretty.
Q Any outfits you're embarrassed about?
A There's a chapter in my book about that! It's inevitable. We go through so many different stages in life. There was an orange dress that stands out as a bad one. It was not becoming.
Q Do you have any shopping advice?
A Don't be afraid of vintage shopping. It's a really good way to save money. You are getting such great pieces at affordable prices and what you're wearing is never going to be seen on anyone else. A lot of fashion is really inspired by vintage and it's the forefront of fashion. You just have to be patient.

A leggy Whitney Port checks out her Manhattan hotel holding onto her Lena Erziak Paul bag and sporting red lipstick with a leather jacket. Port, is currently in NY promoting her first style book titled 'True Whit'.
credit - zimbio, Sara Glassman@Star Tribune
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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