Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lawyers Silence Audrina's Ex-Boyfriend Corey Bohan After His Twitter Tirade

BMX bike champ Corey Bohan said he was "hurt and frustrated" over his bitter split with US reality TV star Audrina Patridge.
The extreme Aussie said he had given his all to the on-off relationship.
But a series of "in-the-moment tweets", where he referred to Patridge as "heartless" and "insecure", resulted in the reality star's legal team silencing her former boyfriend from talking about her.
"I can't do or say anything, it's insane," Bohan said.
"In the moment things were heated. It is frustrating but it is what it is and we will go our separate ways.

"We tried three times and it is just not meant to be, it is just how it goes."
The couple met in 2008, split and got back together in mid-2009, with Patridge calling Bohan one of the "nicest, sweetest guys I've ever met".
The laidback, Red Bull-sponsored extreme sportsman took it all in his stride and despite Patridge running to The Hills, one bet is the easy-on-the-eye rider won't find it hard to snag a new lady.

I always had a soft spot for him (I think it was the accent and the eyes) but this whole twitter thing put a quick stop to that. Sayonara Corey!
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  1. I think he is a sweet genuine guy (a bit of a sucker in love). Audrina seemed to mess with him a little (but she is also a sweet genuine girl).

    He was/is hurt, probably because he has been dumped for the third time by her. He seemed to be more into her then she was into him. We all have those moments when we break up and we are hurting and say things we regret. I don't think he is anything like Stephanie's ex.

  2. I agree. He seems like a good guy except for the twitter stuff. I think Audrina is a sweetheart but she does have a thing for those bad boys like JB. Maybe Corey being so into her was just too much?

  3. Are you all kidding? How a girl that uses her legal team to silence her ex guilty of saying she's heartless isn't heartless? The one that calls it quit should expect the other to be hurt and hence a bit angry or frustrated, and should deal with it being firm in the decision but having some simpathy for someone she supposedly used to care for; to me it would come natural. I think Corey's reaction wasn't crossing any line and also that saying the one you love let you down is not a crime when it's a fact.

  4. Not crossing any line? Did you see his tweets as they happened? In the ones he later erased he didn't just call her heartless he called her a sl*t and told her to f*ck off not once but a few times. IMO the lawyers intervened not on Audrina's behalf but on the show's behalf. Audrina's reality show wouldn't be much of a show if Corey kept revealing what happened before the footage airs.

  5. I don't care if your a guy or a girl it is a low blow and a dick move to trash your ex in public. Corey has dated her twice before. He knew what he was getting into. 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me'!

  6. imo casey's tweets were the best, she said it all and then some.
    @caseyloza When a guy talks crap on the internet after you dump him, he is only reinforcing you made the right decision! LOSER
    @caseyloza @AudrinaPatridge just think, with all the money you're going to save you could save millions of lives!

  7. I don't like him at all. He's homophobic loser and made fun of a little girl on twitter. So yeah he's a douche bag. Glad she dump is ass :)