Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Lauren Conrad Had The Face (And Hair) Of An Angel!

Ever wish you could go back to when you were 3 years old and cut off all your silky, naturally highlighted hair, then head back to the future and use it all as extensions? (Wait, that's just us?) NO ONE has prettier locks than a toddler, especially those lucky little towheads (damn them!). Just look as these childhood pics that Lauren Conrad posted on her website this past Mother's Day--baby girl's 'do is to die for (not to mention those white lace tights--so ahead of her time)!
In her post, LC gives a shout-out to her ma for always being there, whether it was snapping family pictures or wiping away the tears that dumb Jason Wahler caused her. (Well, she doesn't exactly come out and say that last part, but we can infer, can't we?)
We'd personally like to take this opportunity to thank Lauren's mom for chaperoning so many fun pool parties in the "Laguna Beach" era. Ah, life seemed so much simpler before all the hot-tubbing and hookups moved to the "Jersey Shore."

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