Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stephanie Pratt: Purses Have Always Been Her "Number One Thing"

Blake Lively and Rachel Bilson aren't the only starlets with a serious love of all things Chanel. Stephanie Pratt, who says purses have always been her "number one thing," owns an enviable collection of the ultra-luxe purses, from a couple of classic quilted flap bag to several sleek leather totes. Just how important is the right purse to Stephanie? The reality star, who is currently in the process of developing her own bag line, says her biggest shopping splurge to date was on a bag she just couldn't pass up.
The purse was Chanel and it was a seasonal bag. It has this middle option where you can unzip it and it turns into a bigger bag. The extra fabric in the middle is this awesome plaid!
The unique Chanel Paris-London Calfskin tote, with a retail value of almost $2,700, also fits Stephanie's strict purse criteria. The reality star needs a bag that not only looks good, but can also keep up with her hectic lifestyle. Stephanie says:

I'm very crazy about having a functional purse, so [it needs] lots of pockets because I carry everything from lipgloss to food in my purse. I love little studs, I love chains and I love having the long strap option.
We can't wait to check out Stephanie's bag collection once it hits stores!
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credit - Style Bistro
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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