Monday, July 11, 2011

Audrina Patridge: More Photos From Her FHM Spread

Here's a few excerpts from Audrina's interview with FHM:
On her favorite part of her body:
"Definitely my stomach. When I was little I had a good, athletic stomach and then I made my high school swim team and it got better from there."
On something true that people don't know about her:
"I love laughing at myself. If I mess up or do something stupid I laugh at myself and I think that's what everyone should do. Oh, and when I was younger I wanted to be a psychologist."
On advice for those trying to make it in Hollywood:
"You can't give up because it is very competitive and you will have more disappointments than you can imagine."
On the best rumor she's read about herself:
"I did laugh when people started gossiping about my new boyfriend the other week. The paparazzi had taken some shots of me having lunch with my brother Marky and made a story out of it. That's how ridiculous things can get."
On the best way to pick her up on the beach:
"I'm not sure; it is easier to tell you what doesn't work. Asking me for a picture 'for your wife' is transparent and lame and so are most lines. The worst I've ever heard was: 'If you were a door I'd slam you all night long.' That wasn't funny. It was rude and it certainly wasn't successful."
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