Friday, October 28, 2011

A New Love (Derek Hough) For Lauren Conrad - Scans from Us Weekly - 11/7 Issue

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credit - Lovely Lauren
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Oddly her sister Breanna was dating a Mormon and joined the church (leaving her parents baffled) then later regretted her decision to join the church. Derek also Mormon (although not sure if he practices it) will pose a similar dilemma. Interesting!

  2. Perhaps he will join Lauren's faith if it even gets that serious.

  3. Olivia's blog ITS ON !!!!!


    QUEEN O. !!!


  4. The Mormons that I know don't drink alcohol or anything with caffiene, swear or have premarital sex. They are extremely modest and the women wear undergarments after a certain age. Most boys go on a 2 year mission at 19 or 20 years of age. The girls have the option at 21. guess is that Julianne and Derek are not practicing Mormons.....or maybe they are and don't mind breaking the rules.

    I'm glad that Lauren is having fun and not getting into anything too serious.

  5. Forgot to you know if Olivia is still with her boyfriend? Haven't seen them together for a while.

  6. There is no age requirement for the undergarments unless you've been through the temple for marriage and/or a mission. I believe there is an interview with Derek saying how his childhood was repressive so I'm sure he's not practicing. But, leaving the church for another church is horribly frowned upon by LDS (Mormons) and his parents are devoted Mormons so it would pose an issue at some level if he left for another religion.