Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lauren Conrad Walks Chloe & Chats About Her New Eco Accessories Line

Spotted: Lauren Conrad taking her dog Chloe for a walk with gal pal and former 'Hills' producer Sophia Rossi in tow.
Sorry for the tagged photos but they're the only ones available.
In other LC news, Lauren recently did an interview with Haley Sherif over at Eco-Chick. Check it out below:
HS: It’s such a treat to be interviewing you again! How were your holidays? Did you get some time for well-deserved rest and relaxation?
LC: Thank you! This holiday my family did something fun and went on a cruise. We try, every holiday season to spend time as a family. My mom, dad, brother, sister and I all get together and just spent quality time. It is the best.
HS: Tell me about your “green” resolutions.
LC: For me it is about starting small and inspiring others to do the same. I think that people should find resolutions that are right for them. It isn’t about changing your entire life in one day, but taking steps daily to make better choices.
HS: I love Blue Avocado. It looks adorable. When did this collaboration come about?
LC: I was first introduced to them last Spring when I went down to Texas to meet the founders. For me, the partnership represents a synergy of all the things I love to do—design great products and do something cause related. I just loved BlueAvocado’s mission of inspiring a reusable lifestyle where looking good and doing good can co-exist. I was also really inspired by the company as a whole. It is founded by women and it has always been important to me to teach young girls that as females we can come together and live out our dreams.
HS: What’s your favorite thing about your new eco line?
LC: In general, I love the idea that the entire collection is made from reclaimed plastic bottles, so we are keeping them out of landfills and oceans. I am also excited about some of the beauty carrier products, which is an entirely new line I helped inspire. Each of the products will include an impact label so people can see the carbon footprint of the product, how many plastic bottles were upcycled, and the waste avoided with each use. It is the ultimate in reuse and recycle. Plus the bags are super cute!
HS: Why did you decide to do a green accessories line? What inspired you?
LC: Growing up in California, I grew up with an appreciation for the natural beauty of our beaches, which were my playground. It is heartbreaking to learn about how the build up of garbage in oceans is compromising marine animals and their habitats. I really wanted to make it easy for people to do something without sacrificing style or function and understanding the impact of conscious design. Taking just the smallest first step can create a ripple of awareness where greater change can take place. I think that lifestyle accessories are a great way to take that first step.
HS: How does this line differ from Paper Crown?
LC: This line is accessories and mainly bags. Paper Crown is clothing.
HS: How do you live a healthy green life?
LC: I start by first and foremost being aware of the environment. Recycling is a first step that really is easy. I also use recyclable materials such as reusable bags rather than plastic.
HS: Do you have any favorite eco lines?
LC: I think it is still such a new space that I am learning about, but I am fascinated by all the innovative options available.
HS: Any other green collaborations or projects on the horizon?
LC: We definitely have some great new collaborations in the works. I am learning so much from my collaboration with BlueAvocado regarding everything from sustainable fabrics, to micro-enterprise, to the importance of social impact businesses and entrepreneurs. I am just excited to launch our first collaborative line this summer!
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credit - bew, Eco-Chick
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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