Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rumour: Kristin Cavallari's Father Accused of Leading A Double Life

With her engagement to Chicago Bears star Jay Cutler back on, Kristin Cavallari should be over the moon.
But the 25-year-old reality star’s happiness might be crushed by reports that her father Dennis Cavallari has been leading a double life.
According to Star magazine Kristin’s father has been having a five year long relationship with a woman named Tracy Sill.
The Orange County resident told the magazine: ‘He told me he loved me and even lied about not being married in a desperate attempt to continue our relationship.’
‘When Kristin discovers the truth, she will see her father for what he really is: a philandering, sex-crazed cheat.’
The magazine claims to have seen emails and text messages from Dennis to Tracy and reports most were ‘too sexually charged to print’.
Dennis is currently married to Nicole King Cavallari, who is Kristin’s step-mother.
The magazine reports Tracy ended the relationship when she learned Dennis was married but reached out to Nicole to blow the lid on her relationship with Dennis.
She branded the Cavllaris: ‘A dysfunctional family full of lies and deceit.’
A spokesperson for Kristin was unavailable for comment earlier today and the bride-to-be has made no reference to the story on her Twitter page today.
Take the rumour with a grain of salt - this is Star magazine after all. ;)
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