Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spencer Pratt Ends Lauren Conrad Feud?

What's next, peace in the Middle East?
Spencer Pratt finally let bygones be bygones on Wednesday -- supposedly burying the hatchet with former archenemy Lauren Conrad.
The former Hills villain, 28, came out of hiding via Twitter to make a show of celebrating Conrad's 26th birthday.
"@LaurenConrad Happy Birthday!" Pratt wrote. "Thanks for helping me find my miracle wife @heidimontag !"
Lest fans of The Hills forget, Pratt's wife is Conrad's old roomie and ex-BFF Heidi Montag; Conrad and Montag's friendship imploded on The Hills, largely over issues regarding Pratt.
Pratt continued of author/designer Conrad, who's currently single following her relationship with Kyle Howard and a fling with Derek Hough: "My birthday wish for @LaurenConrad is for her to find true love like #Speidi."
Perhaps anticipating the cynics, Pratt added: "I wasn't being sarcastic! I really do wish the best for Lauren Conrad on her birthday! #forgiveandforget."
Conrad hasn't yet responded (via Twitter, anyway) to Pratt's well-wishes.
My $02? It's just a ploy on Spncer's part to get his name back in the press. Some things never change..
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. Apologizing now? Oh god here we go again, he's doing it for attention.
    like you said, some things never change.