Monday, April 2, 2012

Kristin Cavallari Leaves Los Angeles For Life in Chicago with Jay Cutler

Kristin tweeted about her departure: "Its official...I'm out of LA!! Been an amazing 8 years but that town can be toxic. I feel like I can breathe ☺"
Kristin revealed to Glamaholic magazine that she & Jay will split their time bewtween Chicago and Tennesee. "Because Jay is in Chicago I will live in Chicago half the year, then Nashville for the other half. I'll come to LA whenever I need to. We both don't want to raise our kid with paparazzi and cameras in our face. We want to give them as normal a life as possible."
I'm going to miss getting regular candids of Kristin but I wish her & Jay all the happiness in the world.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. ahh thank god this stupid golddigger goes away finaly...

  2. i have a feeling she will be back...i just don't see her staying away. plus as fun as Chicago is, neither it nor Tennessee can compare to LA but at least she puts her money where her mouth is. so many celebs complain about the paparazzi and their children, but 99% of the time the paparazzi came before they had kids, so they should know what they are getting themselves in to. go kristin for actually doing what's best for her kids.

  3. I agree but for different reasons. For one I don't really see their relationship lasting.