Monday, April 2, 2012

Lauren Conrad Departs from LAX Airport

Lauren Conrad cracks a smile as she prepares to depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).
In other LC news, Lauren recently took time out to do an interview with Daniel Quintanilla about her upcoming LA Candy spin-off, The Fame Game. Check it out below.
DQ: Wow, I never knew Madison could be so versatile between Hollywood and Twitter. What makes Madison Parker wanna join us here in the real world?
LC: Well why not, everyone is doing it right? I hope the fans on Twitter enjoy her.
DQ: The Fame Game is obviously Madison Parker's time to shine. But we soon learn immediately that Madison has other threats to worry about. What are the chances Madison will become a good, whole-hearted person at the end of this trilogy?
LC: I think Madison isn’t all bad, she maybe just a little misdirected at the moment. But perhaps there will be good in everyone. You will just have to wait and see.
DQ: As you may know, there's something called The Hunger Games that's gotten so much attention. Are you worried that The Hunger Games has taken away ample promotion time from The Fame Game over the last few weeks if it hasn't done so already?
LC: The Hunger Games is a book I have read and really enjoyed. I think the film is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait to see it.
DQ: What do you think about the idea of expanding The Fame Game beyond its' current trilogy, and creating a whole new set of characters with new scandals that are separate from all your experiences? (Think Gossip Girl or Sweet Valley High)
LC: I never say never. The Fame Game is actually a spin off from LA Candy so I do like my books to connect in some way shape or form.
DQ: Finally, Have you ever wanted to become Madison Parker in real life?
LC: I think that creating Madison on the page was fun enough for me. But I prefer to stay just who I am.
The Fame Game hits stores this Tuesday, April 3rd.
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