Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kristin Cavallari: 3 Days - 4 Different Looks

Kristin Cavallari was spotted at Bagatellle restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday evening (May 21).
The Mom-to-be looked darling in a peach maternity dress with matching flats as she smiled for the cameras while talking on her cell phone.

KCav is pictured earlier in the day grabbing lunch in a flowing white collared dress and flip flops. The afternoon fill-up comes just after the reality starlet celebrated her baby shower this past weekend with friends and family at a private residence.

(Above)Directly after her baby shower on Saturday afternoon, KCav and her Mom headed to Urth Cafe in West Hollywood to pick up some grub to go!

Kristin was photographed after parking her car in West Hollywood on May 10. She wore a yellow and pink outfit along with a big smile.
credit - x17, kristindaily.org, tlfan, celebrity-gossip.net, thanks p! :)
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Flawless except for that last outfit. I can see her black thong (and her butt) under that pink (fugly!) skirt.

  2. I like seeing photos of her, staged or not. Same for the other girls. I think Lauren is the only one not to call the press, but then again she is also the only one with a huge career and income.

    1. I agree! I think they only reason people were annoyed with Kristin in that other post is because she was complaining about the cameras after calling them. If she hadn't have said anything, no one would have cared imo.

  3. It's like night and day. She loves smiling for the cameras except when Jay's there. Then she shuns them!

  4. Love her! I have those same fringed sandals from Dirty Laundry. I can't wait to see what she does with her shoe line!