Friday, June 15, 2012

Lauren Conrad's Secret to Success? Balance

These days, Lauren Conrad is one (very) busy lady. The former star of MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” has two successful clothing lines, a fictional book series, and a must-have style guide — with a beauty guide soon to follow. Oh, and then there are all of those television appearances, charity work, and launching her own beauty line based on her awesome beauty blog. So we had to ask her…how does she do it all?
Recessionista: We see you all over the place at book signings, launch parties, television appearances…but then we see photos of you having fun with friends, too — where do you find the time to have a life?
Lauren: Like any working woman it is important to maintain a personal life that is your own and not make life only about work. I find by taking trips with family and friends and spending some quiet time it only helps me with my writing and designing.
R: What kinds of things do you pick up on your travels? Other than fab souvenirs, of course…
L: Traveling can help expose you to different types of people, environments and aesthetics and I find other cultures inspiring to my designs.
R: We couldn’t put down the first book in the Fame Game series…is there more coming? Help a sister out!
L: I have two more books coming out in October of this year. The first is the second in my Fame Game series…
R: …so we’re in luck! What else do you have cooking?
L: In addition I’m releasing Lauren Conrad Beauty. Similar to Lauren Conrad Style, the book is a how-to and everything guide to beauty. It was one of the most time-consuming books I have written but contains such wonderful information and I am really excited to share it with my fans!


  1. Glad that this happened but of course she couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a media spectacle out of it. Heidi sure knows how to turn a nice moment into a cheese-fest!

  2. I love LC and whenever I see an interview I'm so excited but not lately. Her answers to these questions and to the questions of the last two or three interviews I've read Lauren's answers are completely without depth. It doesn't feel like Lauren's voice...

    1. I feel the same way but to be fair to Lauren it's gotta be super boring answering the same questions again and again.
      I wish the interviewers would do their homework and ask her something she hasn't been asked a million tims before!

    2. That's so true! Every interview I read it's the same questions over and over. I get the feeling the questions are submitted to Lauren before the interview. Also I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't nix answering anything that isn't just a surface question. She has a right to her private life, but she also chose to be in the public eye so..LC throw us a bone! :)

    3. I never thought of that, you're probably right! Still, I wish they could find a clever way to keep these interviews fresh while still allowing Lauren to keep her private life private. She could tell us some things we don't know about her, like how she prefers lollipops over gummy bears or something silly like that. Dumb example I know but I'll take silly unknown facts over the same ole boring questions + answers! :-)

  3. Right, like they could ask her what products she uses or if she has any hobbies. Personally, I would love to hear about something besides her books or clothing line. I think Audrina has kept in touch with her fan base a lot better than Lauren. She always seems so accessible, I wish LC was more open.

  4. Audrina has kept in touch with her fan base because that's because Audrina has nothing else going on. But with that said, I do agree.I adore Lauren but I wish she would be a little more open and spontaneous.

  5. I agree with all of you! I love Lauren but for awhile now her responces have been too generic. Even some of her blog posts feel a little forced, like all the ones on good manners. Cmon, this is the same girl who didn't stand up when she met Marc Jacobs!
    Now I'm not saying Lauren doesn't have good manners but really, giving advice about them just seems really strange to me.
    I'd rather know more about the things that she does seem passionate about like how she got into cooking or all those cool party ideas she comes up with. I feel like in interviews and in her blog she just gives us surface stuff and skirts on substance.

  6. The answers to the questions in LC's interviews for a long time have seemed very manufactured. I disagree that Audrina has nothing going on, she's always hosting, modeling, traveling, she recently did a guest spot on a TV show. It's Kirsten, Heidi, and Lo who have nothing going on.