Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Trailer for The City: Season 2!

A couple of interesting things to note about the new trailer for Season Two of The City (premiering April 27 at 10:30/9:30c):
1) Olivia Palermo still has a job at Elle. (Damn, who she got lookin' out for her in HR?) Joe Zee's even come up with a brilliant idea to make 'Liv the face of How long ya think till Erin Kaplan stabs her own eye with a Louboutin?
2) Whitney's confrontation skills greatly improved over the break. She's even learned how to call someone a "bitch." (To their face!)
3) Kelly Cutrone is still running the s**t out of People's Rev and getting Whit's back no matter where (or how far) she wanders. How do WE get hooked up with a fairy godmother like Kel? (There may or may not be an offer on the table for free promotion and a lightly used 'World's Best Boss' coffee mug in exchange for a friend request on Facebook.)
Check out the video to see what else is in store!
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I am beyond excited - Love the trailer!



  2. how long does it take to loooad?

  3. nope - it's season 2. they did season 1 in two completely seperate parts - the first w/ the original cast and season 1 - part 2 was when they introduced Roxy Olin.

  4. It should play right away Taylor - if you're still having trouble viewing it - go here:

  5. If you live outside the U.S and can't view it -download
    it will hide your location and then you should be able to view it : )

  6. Olivia is so classy and beautiful. I really like her! She is my favourite character in "The City".

  7. i looooove The City. I'm actually pretty glad The Hills is ending and The City is taking center stage now. It's so much more interesting to see these girls that have actual careers.